ADECO Project Engineering B.V., established in 1985, specialises in the design, programming, installation and maintenance of complete industrial automation projects.

We work for production companies (the food industry, machine manufacturers and logistics companies in particular) at national and international level. All our work is performed in accordance with the applicable national and international rules, regulations and standards.

Our personnel are fully up-to-date on all applicable standards and specifications. When we undertake projects within the capacity of main contractor, our specialists work in close cooperation with the customer or the production company. Naturally, ADECO also takes on projects as subcontractor.

Our guiding principle to seek out the most practical and economic solution based on close cooperation with our customers led, among other things, to entirely new and/or improved systems and methods.

ADECO automates and modernises existing installations all over the world. ADECO has acquired extensive experience with this work, which, due to the fact that this concerns existing installations, is often subject to time constraints. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to draw up meticulous plans, so that any stoppage in your production will be for the shortest time possible.

Furthermore, ADECO is an excellent partner for supply spare parts; ADECO advises and supplies spare parts for many companies worldwide and exchange parts for machines and processing plants. ADECO not only supplies all kinds of original products and items, but can also offer good alternatives.

ADECO is a flexible, reliable and expert partner; we deliver top quality, on time and with price guarantee. It therefore goes without saying that our customers are more intensively involved in a project and calling more and more on our expertise.

Our motto is therefore hardly surprising:



This is why ADECO is always establishing and ensuring quality and safety. ADECO is also progressive and always seeks to assure itself of the latest developments in technology, quality and safety. Some of the organisations of which ADECO is a member are listed below.