ADECO specialises in breweries; ADECO’s expertise extends from the receipt and storage of malt/water right through to the brewing process, fermentation, filtration, cooling and packaging. ADECO can also be of service to you in the area of processes, packaging, maintenance, calibration and, of course, automation of all types of processes and products. Read more about our services and solutions below!


ADECO delivers complete documentation packages, including electrical drawings, panel layout, machine or installation layout, 2 and 3D models, equipment lists, operating manuals, etc.

We also provide a detailed equipment list for the manufacture of panels and installations, including all relevant designations like brand, type number and test specifications. Our detailed I/0 lists contain all specifications for the programming, while the revision data after starting up and/or commissioning the equipment is incorporated into a specific service manual.

We also draw up complete and detailed engineering diagrams and machine and installation layouts in-house, naturally accompanied by the corresponding parts lists, equipment specifications and recommended spare parts lists.

Our designers provide conceptual input and are flexible and creative. They are familiar with the most advanced drawing programs, and, of course, make use of the latest developments in hardware. They also have a wealth of experience, which, on several occasions, has resulted in the development of an innovative method or unique solution.

We can, of course, also convert your old drawing set into any desired drawing system and standardisation.
We therefore have enough reason to speak of ‘computerised design’ rather than drawing work.



Frequent control of the entire production process is an essential component of any modern business operation. Our specialists can also be of service here. They offer their input and advise you adequately on all possibilities for producing more efficiently, cheaper and sometimes even simpler.

After careful assessment of the functionality, capacity and effectiveness of the production process, we draw up an action plan together with the experts from your company, which, of course, also takes the financial aspect into consideration.

The multidisciplinary expertise of our specialists may be a determining factor in this respect. The ADECO programmers are capable of working out various practical and sometimes surprising innovative solutions for you at competitive rates.

Where necessary, all product data will then be continuously stored in a separate database, which will be used to generate fault reports and return calculations. Technicians can advise you and, if necessary, implement changes to the software online via a fast modem/VPN connection.

Our programmers are familiar with both PLC and PC control systems. ADECO’s also works daily with Scada and various other forms of visualisation.

Our programmers are involved in the entire development trajectory for realising new installations. And, of course, our programmers commission the machines or installations using the software developed in-house.

ADECO also has extensive experience in converting Siemens Step 5 PLCs to a system with Siemens Step 7 PLCs. We can also convert and interchange other PLC brands into a brand and type of your choice. In all cases, the entire software will be modified and rewritten in order the meet the latest programming standard.

Our programmers have experience with:

Siemens - Step 5, Step 7 en TIA Portal

Allen Bradley - PLC-5, SLC500, CompactLogix, ControlLogix, MicroLogix

Siemens - ProTool, WinCC Flexible, TIA Portal

Allen Bradley - Panelview

Lauer - LCA, PCS

Pilz - PX, PXT

Siemens - WinCC, Braumat

Wonderware - Intouch

Copadata - Zenon

MPI, Profibus, Profinet -Ethernet, AS-i bus, DH+, DH485, DeviceNet

Pilz - PSS safety PLC

Siemens - Step 7 distributed safety, Step 7 safety advanced



Danfoss - VLT5000, VLT2800, FC302

SEW - Movidrive, Movitrac

Control Techniques - Commander SK, Unidrive, Mentor II

Siemens - Micromaster, Micromaster Vector

Lenze - 8200 Vector, DC Drive


Whether it is a continuous process or not, that last thing that anyone wants is an automated process to grind to a halt or to malfunction. Among other things, ADECO has much experience in maintaining and upgrading production lines, machines and processes. The software-based maintenance of an installation or process is, of course, also very important. ADECO’s expertise also covers this discipline.

Calibration items such as CO2 and NH3 sensors, weigh cells, flow meters, pressure sensors, etc. are very important for the smooth running of your installation. ADECO specialists calibrate your components before delivery or on site and will, of course, provide a calibration report, if necessary. Maintenance and calibration contracts are available for your company in the appropriate form.



ADECO Project Engineering B.V. supplies many spare and exchange parts worldwide. We are also your ideal partner for tailor-made advice on troubleshooting and for replacing existing defective components.

ADECO also supplies parts and components from Krones, KHS, SMI, Transpak, etc. For the West Africa region, ADECO West Africa Engineers Ltd, is the official representative for, among other things, Systemplast conveyor parts, NDW rollers and Heuft inspection equipment.

For the East Africa region, ADECO East Africa is the official representative of, among other things, Systemplast conveyor parts.


We preferably install installations we designed in accordance with the Machinery Directive at home and abroad using our own personnel rather than personnel from affiliated partners like Adeco east or west Africa.

Our site engineers are also used to working abroad with local personnel; the project will then be delivered with a high standard on a supervisory basis.

Whether it is a production line, machine control, process control or detection equipment, ADECO installs all systems expertly and professionally. We pay attention to the smallest details and can test the functioning in practice and correct on site if necessary. In a nutshell, we ensure that your installation is and continues to work perfectly.