ADECO panel construction has great knowledge and experience in the field of industrial automation and this is reflected in the thoughtful and orderly control panels that we build for our customers.

Building in-house has the advantage that the construction of the panels run’s parallel with the development of the control software. The advantage of this is that we directly can test the functionality and "performance" of the panels in practice. It speaks for itself that with this efficient way of working saves time and money.

At ADECO panel construction all power distribution and process control cabinets are built according to the current low voltage and EMC directive, and after extensive testing finally features include a CE mark.

It is also possible (in our in-house workshop) to test our panels extensively with the corresponding machine or system. This will allow us, during installation on location, to deliver a faster machine startup/installation. With this method is it also possible to supply smaller units as "plug-and-play system".